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PCI Performance Management is passionate about community banking! Our mission is to offer key insights and tools to drive executives to the next level. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies.​Are you ready to set your business on the path to success? Let’s connect and take your organization to the next level.

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In today’s environment, productivity and efficiency are key to a successful bank’s profitability.  A critical element to efficiency and productivity is the number of staff needed for the bank In today’s environment, the high cost of doing business demands that a bank utilizes staff effectively.

For a bank to fully understand its staffing needs, it is no longer sufficient to just examine assets/employee. A more in-depth look at several aspects of the bank must be completed which will provide an ability to review staffing.

Often community bank have employees who “wear a lot of hand” and are responsible for several key functions, making a 1:1 comparison to peer data almost meaningless, if not arbitrary. While this process my seem daunting, and require data that may take time to gather, PCI can take the pain out of this process and provide organizations with a meaningful staff model.

Don’t let this process overwhelm you, PCI’s model allows for leadership and Human Resource managers to take their staff modeling discussions from theory-and-concept to something based on real bank data and the complexities of your organization.

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