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The Bankers Baseline education series is designed to give your bank the fundamental customer relationship and client acquisition strategies needed to drive loan and deposit growth.

Elevate Your Approach. 

The Bankers Baseline Education teaches your bankers how to use your bank’s products, services, and expertise to help your customers achieve financial success, grow your bank, and create a culture your employees can believe in.
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Agricultural and Commercial Loan Growth

Client Acquisition and Loan Growth: The Axiom of Value
  • Selling value and price
  • Pre-Call Planning
  • What is “Sales Rapport” and how to create it
  • Helping prospects realize the cost of their current banks' failings
  • How to respond to “What’s your rate?”

Business DDA Growth and Client Acquisition

Three-Step Commercial DDA Sales Process
  • Outreach
  • “Deeper Look” meetings
  • Presenting your solution

The “Gotta have” principal
  • Why is it easier to sell loans vs DDA’s

Customer Relationship Building for Retail Banking

The triangle of success
  • How the customer, employee, and bank all must win
  • How what we do helps people
  • Using “framing statements” to create clarity

Sales Management and Leadership

Managing a value-based sales team
  • Keeping existing relationships strong and creating new ones

Effective Sales Meetings
  • Creating a motivated team approach
Ebook author: Mark Zierden

A word from the author

Discover the power of The Bankers Baseline Education—a comprehensive guide designed to empower your bankers with the knowledge and tools they need to leverage your bank's offerings effectively. Learn how to drive customer financial success, foster bank growth, and cultivate a thriving organizational culture that inspires and empowers your team. Dive into practical strategies that align with industry trends and customer expectations, ensuring your bank remains a leader in today's dynamic financial landscape.
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