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Transform your organization with our PCI Online Learning Courses, meticulously designed for community bankers aiming to excel in the ever-evolving banking industry. Our tailored programs provide essential knowledge and skills to navigate today's competitive financial environment. Discover innovative strategies, enhance operational efficiency, and foster growth with our comprehensive, cutting-edge courses.

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Empowering Community Banking

At PCI Performance Management, we are passionate about community banking! Our mission is to provide key insights and tools that elevate executives to new heights. With a tailored approach for each client, we develop unique, customized strategies that drive success. Are you ready to propel your business forward? Connect with us and let's take your organization to the next level!
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The Mandate For Change

Over the past decade, the financial industry has experienced a profound transformation, dramatically impacting community banks. The once-stable landscape of the previous forty years has given way to unprecedented changes. Now, more than ever, community banks must reassess their strategies and innovate to adapt to these new dynamics and maintain their competitive edge.

Strategic Planning

Savvy community bankers recognize the crucial role of strategic planning in driving their bank's success. This comprehensive process involves senior executives, shareholders, and board members collaboratively evaluating the current state of affairs and charting a clear roadmap for the bank's future. With regulators now mandating strategic plans, this unified vision not only sets the bank's goals but also ensures these objectives are effectively communicated to all staff, fostering alignment and commitment across the organization.

Organizational Bench & Succession Planning

In the dynamic world of community banking, having a robust organizational bench and succession plan is essential for sustained success. Our tailored approach ensures that your bank is prepared for the future by identifying and developing key talent within your organization. We work closely with senior executives and HR teams to create comprehensive succession plans that not only mitigate risks but also foster leadership growth and continuity. By investing in your bank's future leaders today, you can ensure a seamless transition and maintain operational excellence for years to come.

Workplace DiSC Assessments

At PCI Performance Management, we are proud to be an esteemed authorized partner and certified facilitator for Wiley Everything DiSC. This partnership underscores our commitment to providing exceptional services and our expertise in utilizing the comprehensive assessment tools offered by Everything DiSC. We leverage these valuable resources to help individuals and organizations improve performance, communication, and overall effectiveness.

Loan Review, Loan Policy and CECL

Effective loan portfolio management is crucial to controlling credit risk. In order to control risk, a bank must know the types and levels of credit risk in its portfolio. Loan review is an important tool that can help Banks identify this risk. A loan review provides an assessment of the overall quality of a loan portfolio. PCI will produce and deliver all topics listed below, for each file and concentration we review, including an overall summary of findings and recommendations for improvement.

Community Bank Sale Training 

PCI's Community Bank Sales training offers a transformative training program tailored to elevate the interpersonal skills of your banking team, propelling loan and deposit growth to unprecedented heights. Stand out in today's competitive banking landscape by empowering your team with the expertise needed to forge lasting customer connections and drive sustainable success.

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